Mobility Solutions and Services

Remote control has become the need of the hour in this competitive age. One must have the access to information and its employees anywhere. At the same point of time one should also be able to connect with its consumer at any given point of time. In a way present age demands the remote control to every asset of an enterprise.

One must have the ready access to information everywhere to foster quick decision making. Personal computers no longer serve the need of a present enterprise. This is where BDIT’s Mobility solutions and services play a big role. We have been helping big business houses to shift from web alone to a combination of web and mobile.

On the other side, developing a mobility solution that can integrate and coexist well with the existing infrastructure requires deep insight of IT and other operational challenge. BDIT has the following key advantages that differentiates it form other enterprises in this lead:-
Alliances and Partnership with big names in head set category:- Our alliances with full featured smart phones and tablets manufactures help us consult them better on all aspects of incorporating mobility features smoothly with the current enterprise system.
Years of rich experience of working with leading enterprises:- We have rich and varied experience of working with and for leading enterprises in various industries makes us more adapt to the market changes
A fully user dedicated and experienced design team: We have a passionate and dedicated team made specifically to cater to the requirement of each device.

We work step by step by defining the enterprise wise mobile strategy firstly, thereafter by defining the mobile device strategy, thirdly complete development of mobile application alongwith hassle free integration to backend systems. Lastly to address customer grievance at each point of functioning.

Join BDIT to become advance with our Mobility solutions and services.