IT Human Resource

The big requirement of present time is to ensure the availability of right candidate at the right time at the right place. We are successfully meeting this requirement for various big names. An organization cannot lead to the path of success just with the installation of Best IT equipment’s. Proper usage by adequate implementation of same is also equally important to achieve the desired results.

Only a trained and expert having the required literacy about the running program and software can achieve the desired results from the huge amount of fund invested in the expensive IT Infrastructure, which will otherwise remain idle and unused.

BDIT’s partnership and placement collaboration with the leading professional technology and Engineering Institute enable us to keep in touch with the emerging trends in the technology with the professionals required to handle such technology.

With the help of our HR team we select the best amongst the toppers and place them in our branches as and where required.We also cater to the demand of IT professional in various fields as required by our clients. The various fields of IT professional demand looked after by us are:-

Online marketing (be it Social, email )
Content Writers
Software developers
Hardware and networking professionals
Web designers and graphic makers
Web developers
Cloud computing

One can contact us through email or call us personally and send their requirement on IT professional. Our inhouse training cell trained the fresh graduates by making them learn in actual condition and with the help of case studies according to the requirement of present market.