ERP Services

Enterprise Resource Planning has become the need of the hour for every organization.ERP implementation has become a must not only for the success but the very functioning of an organization. ERP has been acronymed for Enterprise Resource Planning, a software program that integrates the various departments of an organization, different functions of an organization onto one computer server attempting to serve all those different departments’ specific needs.

ERP installation can offer the organization tremendous payback if installed correctly suiting the very requirement of the organization.BDIT shares vast experience in developing best ERP to meet the organizational need at every level. Various services offered in the spam of ERP are:
Microsoft Dynamics services
Oracle services
SAP services
The key challenges addressed by ERP in an organization are:-
Integration of data form different departments onto a single server serving the needs of all the organization.
Easy and ready access and availability to various departmental information at every level minimizing the delays.
More transparency in the working at every level of function, making the organization fully compliant.
Minimized the chances of irregularity in a company’s working by making everyone more responsible and disciplined.
Standardizing and speeding manufacturing processes in an industry thereby increasing efficiency
Better Management of Customer order through integration thereby realizing better customer satisfaction.
Standardization and complete recording of HR information thereby minimizing the conflicting situations.
Better decision making throughout the organization
Reduced operational cost with improved efficiency.
We also laid down stress on training the company personnel on the optimum implementation and use of ERP so that it can be a success for the organization.