Engineering & Industrial Services

Yes BDIT Engineering and Industrial solutions have it all that will stimulate innovation in products, promote operational efficiencies and reduce the time to markets. Working with leading nterpriss be in the field of Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Media, Automobile, Telecom amongst others, BDIT has the reputation of serving efficiency in every function.

Since decade BDIT has been addressing the issues of the client pertaining to the market responses in an apt manner. Some of the key issues concerning present industries are:-
Innovation in the products with low cost investment in research and development activity.
Establishment of global channels of distribution and supply chain in adherence with statutory compliances.
Reduction in cost by gaining economies of scale.
Fulfilling the requirement of local markets.
Increasing the means of sources to infuse competition.
Reduction in the import and promoting the sourcing from local market as per the state order.
Optimal Customer satisfaction by properly addressing the after sale issues.
Training and development of personnel’s.
Technology maintenance and timely Upgradation.

The technology used at BDIT addresses all these issues effectively and results in value creation for the businesses by providing:-
Innovation in Product solutions:- We handle it all be it Product Designing, Product Engineering and Manufacturing by laying down emphasis on Mechanical Design, Engineering Automation and Embedded Systems.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions:- We addresses consulting issues in the area of PLM Business Consulting, Product Execution and Support.
Computing based Engineering Services with High Performance:- We are offering domain solution embedded with hi powered technology with the help of automated High Performance Computing environment.
Geospatial Technology Solutions:- Effective geospatial information system capabilities to integrate with smoothly with other businesses.

In a way we are marked as wealth generating enterprise by our clients.Give your business a likeable and successful working environment with our Engineering and Industrial services and support growth with innovation and reduced operational costs.