Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing

Business Intelligence as the term suggests is the intelligence for business build through the transformation of raw data into useful and meaningful information to be used for business purpose. Today BDIT has collaborated with big names likes Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle amongst others to provide seamless solutions to our clients in business transformation. BDIT delivers a full packaged integrated and robust technology base in order to minimize the cost alongwith the difficulties of building and deploying enterprise business intelligence.

What distinguish the BDIT’s Business Intelligence/ Data Warehousing from others:-
i)At BDIT we offer the adequate meaningful and useful information, in the right manner, at the right place and at the right time.
ii) Our Data warehousing solutions make it easier for the business enterprises to access the information relatively easier that further facilitates faster decision making.
iii) We work with the smart BI technologies such as :-
a) Hyperion
b) Actuate/ BIRT
d) Qlikview
e) Tableau
f) BO
g) Microstrategy

Our BI/DW practices are based on vast experience of our specialized staff form all over the world using various delivery models in order to help enterprises develop a cost optimal strategy. With the technique of BI/DW the firms are able to focus on their core competencies and effectuate better decision making through correct interpretation of data with data analysis. Correct data analysis further facilitates better financial planning and management.

Accelerate your business at a fast speed with Business Intelligence through Data warehouse technique of BDIT.